8" Green Cotton and Wool Dreamton Futon

8" Green Cotton and Wool Dreamton Futon

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  • The Cotton + Wool Dreamton is a White Lotus original futon.

  • This futon is comprised of:

    • A cotton core made up of Green Cotton layers.

    • A wrapping of about 1.5" Pure Wool around the Green Cotton.

  • This futon is made primarily of green cotton, with no chemical fire retardant.

  • Green cotton is soft to the touch, but firm under pressure.

  • This futon is medium-firm and supportive.

  • We recommend this be used with: platform beds, box-springs, or on a bi-fold or Tri-fold futon frame.

  • What Is Green Cotton?

    A more affordable option to our organic cotton products, our Green Cotton is grown in the United States — it just isn’t certified organic. This more affordable material is slightly firmer than organic cotton, but the real beauty is in what it doesn’t have:

    • NO dyes

    • NO perfumes

    • NO flame retardants

    Grown by farmers right here in the US, Green Cotton is a fabulous cost-saving material that doesn’t put you in contact with harmful chemicals typically found in conventional cotton.

  • Flame retardant: Wool

    • The wool wrap also acts as a Natural Dust Mite repellant & Body temperature regulator

    • The wool wicks away moisture during hot months and keeps your body warm during cold months




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