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All Your Futon Questions Answered



What Is A Futon?

"Futon" is Japanese for "mattress". Traditionally a futon would be made from layers of cotton batting. In the 70's futons became popular in the USA. Matched with wooden frames they were prized as a healthy and flexible alternative to a sleeper sofa. Traditional Japanese futons were quite thin, they were aired out daily and layered on top of straw tatami mats. This did not fit with western ideas of comfort and convenience, so enterprising manufacturers added foam and spring cores. Futon frames also developed in both form and function, to become the perfect sleeper sofas we sell today.

What is the difference between a Futon and a Click Clack?

As described above Futons are mattresses matched with sofa frames. Click Clacks are typically economical sleeper sofas made popular in Europe due to their compact size. Now mass produced in China they can be attractive however, they rarely live up to our idea of comfort. Typically they have a dip in the middle fold. We do occasionally carry Click Clacks that have a pillow top as this helps with the sleeping comfort. For the most part, we avoid these impostors as they give real futons a bad name. Do not confuse Click Clacks with Contemporary European Sleeper Sofas. The construction and sleep quality are entirely different. 

How Can I Stop My Futon From Slipping?

If you had a futon in college then you are familiar with the dreaded futon slip. Thanks to gravity your futon mattress may gradually slide off your futon frame. Fortunately, we have the solution. Non-slip strips and non-slip pads will hold your futon perfectly in place. 

What Size Futon Should I Buy?

Futon sizes can be a little confusing. When we think of bed sizes we tend to think of the short side running along the wall. With futons, this is mostly, but not always, the opposite. This means that most full-size futons are 74" long plus the width of the arms. They open 54" into the room resulting in a standard full-size bed. Queen size is 79" plus the width of the arms they open 59" into the room resulting in a standard queen size bed.

There are however futons known as loungers which have the short side along the wall, so a full size would be 54" plus the width of the arms opening 74" into the room. A queen size would be 59" plus the width of the arms opening 79" into the room. There are limited queen size loungers available in wood. Wall hugger futons and contemporary sleeper sofas are available in a queen love seat and our salespeople are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about these sofas. 

Loungers are also available in a twin size which is 39" plus the width of the arms opening 74" into the room.

As you can see the back of the queen sofa is quite high. Typically around 40". Be sure you are comfortable with the look of a tall back before ordering a queen sofa.

What Size Futon Cover Should I Buy?

When customers come to replace their old futon cover they often think they have a queen size futon when actually they have a full. This is caused by looking at the long dimension of the bed against the wall. Be sure to check your measurements in the bed position before you buy. Full size is 54 x 74 and Queen size is 59 x 79.