Review Of The Best Sofa Beds And Murphy Cabinets

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How to choose the best guest bed


When you move to South Florida one thing is a constant - you are going to have guests!  However with our crazy real estate prices who has the space for a dedicated guest bedroom?  Tiny beach cottages and petite condos are more often the norm. 

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent solutions. Sofa Beds, Futons, and Murphy Cabinets have come a long way in the last few years. However, knowing which one is right for you can be a challenge, especially if you are shopping online.  

We have put together a guide based on the type of problems our customers are trying to solve.  We hope this will help you find the right choice for your situation.

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1. The Cube Sofa - When you are short on wall space.

Number one on our list is the Cube Sofa Bed from Innovation Living. This has to be the top choice for those who are short of wall space.  Cool, contemporary styling plus its compact size make this a popular choice for Miami fashionistas. 

The Cube Sofa gives you lots of choices. Available in either Grey, Natural or Dark Blue with Walnut or Chrome legs the Cube works well in contemporary or mid-century modern interiors. 

The Cube has long been a popular choice for those looking for a compact full or queen size guest bed. Now it is also available as a single. This is great news as a functional chair bed is hard to find.

The full and queen size will sit 2-3 people and are about the size of a medium loveseat.  The full size opens to a generous 55 x 79. This makes it 4" longer than a conventional full size.  If you do not have room for a queen size your tall guests will thank you for those extra inches. Do not worry about finding extra long full-size sheets, most deep pocket sheets will stretch to accommodate the length.  The queen size is the same as a conventional queen size bed.

Danish design, the No-sag spring base, and tough upholstery fabrics ensure this sofa is built to last.


3. The Dual Wood Sofa Bed - When you are super popular.

The Duel Wood Sofa Bed is our top choice for guest beds that get a lot of use. 

This sofa bed opens into an extra-long full size. When you look at other sofa beds and futons you realize what a brilliant feature this is. Queen size futons and sofa beds inevitably have either a deep seat or a high back. Think about it, that extra 5" has to go somewhere.  Full-size sofa beds are not long enough for your tall guests. The Duel Sofa Bed gives you the best of both worlds; the compact space saving features of a full size with the extra length of a queen.

Manufactured by Innovation Living the Duel is from their Slider Collection. The sofa beds in this collection get top marks for ease of use. Even your older guests should have no trouble opening and closing this sofa bed. 

The standout feature's of this sofa bed has to be the Excess pocket spring and built-in pillow top. The 10" pocket spring is of a quality found in high-end mattresses. Contemporary style sofa beds tend to be on the firm side so the built-in pillow top adds just the right amount of softness. This sofa bed was designed for the European market where many city dwellers sleep on their sofa beds every night. The Duel is certainly up to the job.

Available in Medium Grey or Dark Brown with a choice of wood or chrome legs and optional upholstered arms this sofa is styled for the swankiest condos.  If your living room is also your guest bedroom this sofa will not look out of place. 


Key West Futon

5. The Key West - When your style is Coastal.

The Key West has all the flexibility of a traditional futon sofa bed. Available as a Full Sofa , Queen Sofa or Full Lounger this futon is made for cute beach front cottages.

As with most futons you can select the mattress that is appropriate for the amount of use you expect the sofa to receive.  

Washable indoor/ outdoor covers are available in all the latest  beach colors and prints.  

The fabrics below are a sampling of the many covers available for the Key West futon sofa.

Clover Murphy Cabinet Dark Chocolate Fully Assembled.jpg

2. The Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed - When you just want to tuck it away.

What a great idea! If you do not wish to add seating to your multi-functional room the Murphy Cabinet Bed is the answer. Designed to blend with home office furniture the cabinet comes in White, Cherry or Chocolate finishes. It only needs a slim 10 feet of floor space when folded up and will fit in small rooms.

Unlike traditional Murphy Beds, the Murphy Cabinet bed is free standing so there is no need for costly installation. If you move simply lift it up and take it with you. Another plus is it sits higher in the bed position than most Murphy Beds. Handy for older guests. 

Manufactured by Night and Day Furniture they seem to have thought of everything. There is a built-in power/ USB port on the side so your guests will have an accessible power point. No more crawling under the bed to plug in the laptop. The large drawer holds bed linens and can be reached in both the bed and upright position.

The mattress is made of premium gel memory foam. An especially nice feature here in Florida. This might be the most comfortable guest bed on the market.


4. Bahama Rattan Futon Sofa - When your style is Tropical.

If you have a tropical style home; the Bahama Futon Sofa is for you. Featuring Banana Leaf arms this sofa whisks you away to balmy South Beach resorts.  

True futon sofas come with a bunch of options, and the Bahama is no exception. Available in 3 sizes; Queen Sofa, Full Sofa and Full loveseat, this guest bed can be configured to fit your space.

Picky guests? Not a problem, the Bahama is offered with a choice of 6 different mattresses.

Keep in mind, when you buy a futon, covers are typically sold separately. 
This is a feature you either love or hate. Those of us who live to decorate go wild with all the incredible tropical futon covers available. For the design challenged it can be a little overwhelming.  Not to worry the design-nerd sales people at The Futon Company love to help.

The fabrics below are a sampling of the many tropical fabrics available.

Seagull Daybed White w Trundle opened.jpg

6. The Seagull Daybed - When your guests need separate beds.  


When not all your guests are couples a daybed is the perfect solution. For a Florida look it would be hard to beat the Seagull Daybed.

The trundle sits on the floor so this day bed can not be turned into a King bed. However we have found that pop-up trundles can be hard to operate.

The pictures below show other daybed options.

Tina Tucci