10 Tips For Making The Most Of Small Spaces

When you live in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, furnishing your Condo or Apartment can be a frustrating experience. It seems that the mainstream furniture stores believe we all live in spacious Mansions! Even if you live in a single family home, there is always that awkward room with narrow doorways and tight turns that you just can't seem to fit any furniture into.

Here are 10 tips to help you create open, functional spaces from the tiniest of rooms.

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1. Mirrors Everywhere

Mirrors create the illusion of space and maximize natural light. A floor to ceiling mirror is a welcome addition to guest bedrooms, an extra touch that tells friends and family you care.

A gallery of small mirrors is an interesting alternative if you do not have the floor space for a large mirror. Choose funky shapes and brightly colored frames for a Boho vibe.


2. Add a futon to screened in porches

Screened in porches can be tricky to furnish. Futon Sofa Beds are an ideal solution as they are long and narrow. Most wooden futons have a recline position, perfect for kicking back with a Margarita and watching the sunset.

Futon Sofa Beds also feature removable, washable covers in a wide selection of indoor/outdoor fabrics. The Florida sun and humidity is hard on upholstered furniture, so removable covers are an ideal solution.

In small spaces, it is essential to choose furniture that serves two functions. With a Futon Sofa Bed, your porch instantly transforms into a guest bedroom.

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3. Open Shelving

Proper storage is key to living happily in a small space. Open shelving makes it easy to find everyday items and showcase souvenirs and collectibles. Avoid clutter and allow ornaments to breathe. When staging open shelves, less is more.

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4. Bring the outdoors in

A strong unification of indoor and outdoor colors makes a home feel spacious. In Florida working with greens, blues and seascapes will have the desired effect. Take advantage of our wonderful light, let it flow between indoor and outdoor areas. Keep floors and doors clear and you will feel you are living large.


5. Add a Contemporary sleeper sofa

Contemporary sleeper sofas are designed to save you space. The small footprint and sleek low back of the Cubed Deluxe hides a generous queen size bed. Ingeniously hardworking this functional piece captures the eye. Upholstered in neutral colors it is a cinch to accent with pillows and throws.

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6. Murphy Cabinet Beds

Wall Beds are the ultimate space savers. However, they are quite a commitment both in price and installation. If you wish to use a bedroom as a home office or crafting room but still need a place to sleep, consider a Murphy Cabinet Bed.

Murphy Cabinet Beds have the advantage of not requiring installation, this is a huge plus if you are renting. Needing only 10 square feet of floor space they will leave you plenty of room for a desk or craft table. Manufactured from cool gel memory foam the Queen size mattress is suitable for guests and full time sleeping.


7. Choose low profile furniture

Low profile furniture helps ceilings to look higher and small rooms brighter. As windows are unobstructed the view is showcased and light floods in. An abundance of natural light rejuvenates the spirit after a hard days work. Your tiny home is now a delicious retreat.


8. Lots of plants

Small rooms are often full of toxins, especially in Florida where the heat and humidity discourages opening windows. Carpets, furniture, and paint all release chemical gases. NASA recently reported that certain house plants filter the air and reduce toxicity. Peace Lily’s are one of the plants most valued for their air purifying abilities, Bamboo and Boston Fern are also popular.

Psychologists have long known that the color green is both restful and calming. Perhaps this is why plants in a room have been found to reduce stress.


9. Choose a theme

A themed room is an opportunity to display collections or travel memorabilia uniquely. Formal furnishings often fall flat in a tiny space. Throw caution to the wind and have fun.


10. Don’t be afraid to add color

White or neutral wall paint will help your small room look airy. However, without a splash, of color whites and neutrals look tired and dull. Intensely colored pillows are an economical way to change things up and keep your space au courant.

Indoor / outdoor fabrics are fade and mildew resistant.

Indoor / outdoor fabrics are fade and mildew resistant.

Pillows in blues and greens bring the outdoors in.

Pillows in blues and greens bring the outdoors in.

Choose folding furniture when space is a premium.

Choose folding furniture when space is a premium.

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Platform Beds with storage make sense for small bedrooms

Platform Beds with storage make sense for small bedrooms